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Are you a builder, plumber, electrician, joiner, painter & decorator or other skilled trade?

Are you wondering how using a VA can help you?



Questions to ask yourself :-


  • Are clients constantly ringing you to chase their enquiries and quotes?
  • Do you like doing the paperwork, does it take too long or isn't really your skill set?
  • Is this stressful?
  • Do you miss out on family time because you are working late nights and weekends just to keep up?
  • Would you like to feel in control of the admin and never forget a task?


If the answer is YES to any of these, then YES I could help you.


By using processes tailored to meet your business I can organise and respond in a timely manner to the constant contact of your daily admin that presents your business professionally to your prospective clients. And by taking this workload off your shoulders you can get your evenings and weekends back to focus on something more productive or maybe get back to that hobby.


  • I can create and send quotes and invoices direct to your clients.
  • I follow these up so you don't have to.
  • I use agreed timescales to do this.
  • You have peace of mind that the lose ends are being taken care of.
  • You are in control, providing your clients with a professional service.
  • Build positive relationships with your clients to win business.
  • You make the most of business opportunities.
  • Put a stop to losing business by being late.


What will you do with the extra time?




If you would like to know more use this link to book a free call with me. 


Trades Packages


Winning Jobs - £60 per month

  • Respond to enquiries and emails in a timely and professional manner
  • Create and issue Quotes that make your business stand out
  • Follow up and convert Quotes to business
  • Provide measurable feedback
  • Add phone cover for only £5.00 a week and stop being interrupted when your are on the tools




Set Up Bespoke Documents - £30

With this one off package you will receive bespoke documentation that shows your business in a professional manner, it can be on either existing software packages or independent digital copies.

All documents and communications should have

  • trade name
  • logos
  • contact details
  • business details
  • email signature
  • trade badges
  • payment details on invoices



Receipts - £30 (with scanning POA)

  • Transform a bag stuffed full of receipts into an ordered file ready to pass on to an accountant
  • If you use an online accounts package get them scanned in so all your accountant has to do allocate and match them to your bank account

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