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Trent Virtual Assistant

⭐️  "Trent Virtual Assistant has been central to our business success. With superior customer service skills, professionalism & flexibility, they have been pivotal to NG1 City Cleaners business administration."


  "I will get our Admin Angel to contact you shortly and arrange everything"

Award Winning Cleaning Company


⭐️  “Thank you for calling, it’s so lovely to talk to someone direct and not a machine” 

Anon End Client

⭐️  "We rely on you and couldn’t operate without your services”

Award Winning Nottingham Builder

⭐️  "You’ve learnt so much about our industry so quickly, it would be hard to bring in someone new”
National Rail Company


⭐️  "As a builder, I understand the need to provide quality services to my clients that are known to be of a high standard and trustworthy. And as someone who hates writing or computers, to have you on hand to sort it all for me has been not only a big help but a huge relief.

I know that when I ask you to complete a task it will be done in a professional and efficient manner, that represents my business positively to my clients"

Construction Industry



⭐️ "Having someone in the background who can do the back office jobs whilst I get on with photographing and editing, relieves me of a lot of the pressure that being a lone trader brings.

Until one has and uses a virtual assistant, it is little different from using a professional mechanic to service your car, or a professional accountant to complete your accounts. Of course one could do the work one's self, but not as quickly, not as efficiently and not as cost effectively. The next batch of work is on the way.

Thank you again for your expert help and assistance"

National Events Photographer



⭐️  "I would like to thank you for all your hard work on helping my in laws with their administartive 'pickle'. Your rational approach to administrative issues is like a breath of fresh air and I would recommend your highly approachable methods to anyone who is looking to get their admin under control. You are efficient and well organised"




⭐️  "Sheonas' offer of giving me back valuable time to spend on other areas of my business, instead of on tasks I really don't enjoy, was far too tempting. I am glad to report that Sheona is extremely professional, well organised and very reliable"

Web Developer


⭐️  "Trent Virtual Assisant Ltd have helped the day to day management of my business structure immensely. Their stress free business support and flexible solutions have meant that I can utilise my time and expertise in growing my business. It's hassle free, saves time and is a friendly service, cost effective and efficient. i would recommend this services especially to start ups and SME's. You won't be disappointed"

Events Management



⭐️  "Quick and professional - I will be using this service again"

Empowered Education Consultant



⭐️  "This is exactly what my client had in mind - thank you"

VA Support



 ⭐️  "I know that when I ask Sheona to do a job I can trust her to be discreet and get it done"

Retail Customer Services Manager


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