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Are you a busy business owner who would like to focus on developing business opportunities rather than struggling to find time to do all the office admin?


Are you an entreprenuer or sole trader who is tired of working late nights and weekends, getting stressed by the never ending to do list and wanting to get some you time back?

Well, here you will find there is another way that will free up valuable time, one that will save you the cost of being the employer and still achieve results.


Based in Nottingham UK, Trent Virtual Assistant is an online business support service that specialises in supporting businessses in the Construction and Service Industries. We enable our clients to process information consistantly and effectively, providing the vital points of contact, making end customers feel valued and developing profitable business relationships.


By responding to emails, making calls, organising meetings, managing documentation, and all importantly, following up, it is proven that flexible help for just one hour a week helps businesses achieve their goals.



So don't agonise, get organised, and together let's take action

that will help win business and create growth.



See our current range of admin services that will action and track incoming information and customer leads.



Tailored to fit modern business needs, Trent Virtual Assistant provides flexible support to help your business grow.

   Helping busy business people grow their business the stress free way!!

An Integrated Asset - 30 years Admin Experience




My name is Sheona White and my background is in office admin, retail customer service and purchasing.


Since an early age, I have had a passion for being organised and helping others. When I was a child I would play offices, answer the phone, make inventories, organise lists, and enjoy finding out ways to do things more effectively. These principles have stayed with me throughout my career and are at the core of everything we now do today at Trent Virtual Assistant Ltd.


I started my adult career working as part of a small team for an independent retailer. It was here that I started to learn the importance of delivering good products with knowledgable customer service. Over the course of the next 30 years I progressed to working on an international basis, acquiring further skills in business admin, analysis, buying and system development.


Many of my admin skills were gained working in a fast-paced office environment, where the daily routine involved creating, editing and processing documents, having to provide quick solutions to queries, actioning processes professionally and thinking ahead to minimise problems. Having an eye for detail has always helped!


Throughout my career I have always been passionate about providing solutions to challenges, seeing them implemented successfully, and seeing clients benefit from being able to focus on what's important to them.


Trent Virtual Assistant was launched in March 2016 in response to a need from local small businesses to have easy and flexible access to admin services that would save them the outlay of putting someone in an office but would also give them the boost to achieve their goals, grow and get some free time back.


Away from the office I enjoy being practical. I enjoy watching sport, have always got some sewing or crafting activity to chill out with. Orr when I'm not being practical I love to learn, I can be found reading either a self improvement, historical or a whodunnit. 


Happily, being a VA has allowed me to see my clients grow, helps me continue developing my skills, and be me.

Business Hours :- Monday to Friday 9.30am - 3.00pm (excluding Bank Holidays)

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